Name of company Encho Co.,Ltd.
Main office 12-12 2-chome,Chuo-cho,Fuji-shi,Shizuoka-pref.Japan 417-0052
Corporate Web site URL http://www.encho.co.jp/
Established on May,1939.
Incorporated on July,19 1962.
Capitalization at 2,902.95 million yen(As of June,2007)
Annual sales amount 38.0 bilion yen
Employees 1,427
Shares Tokyo Securities Exchange.
Business items Lumber,Construction materials,Gardening subblies,Pain,Glues and adhesives,Power tools,Carpenter's tools, Metal materials for consttuction,Interior materials,Electrical equipment,Lamps,Automobile parts, Miscellaneous goods, Stationery,Bicycles,Leisure goods,House remodeling business
Construction business permit Shizuoka prefecture permit,General(17)6265
1st-class architectural
office registration number
Shizuoka prefecture registration number:(5)3266
Bankers The Mitsui Sumitomo Bank,Ltd.,
The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd.,
Shoko-kumiai Chuo Kinko,
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Corp.,
The Shizuoka Bank,Ltd.,
Mizuho Bank,Ltd.,
Shizuoka-ken Trust Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives
Directors President Takeo Endo
Managing Director Hidekazu Hasegawa
Managing Director Hideo Endo
Director Tomonori Onoda
Director Nobuyuki Nukina
Director Harutaka Nakamura
Outside Director Shinpei Nihei
Auditor Manabu Mochizuki
Auditor Tatsumi Yoshida
Auditor Masayoshi Shinbo

 Affiliated companies
Name of company Jumbo Co.,Ltd.
Head office 453-1 Imaizumi,Fuji-shi,Shizuoka,Japan 417-0001
Established on April 28,1978.
Capitalized at 60 million yen(100% invested by Encho Co.,Ltd.)
President Tadashi Omura
Name of company Systech Co.,Ltd.
Head office 12-12 2-Chome Chuo-cho,Fuji-shi,Shizuoka,Japan 417-0052
Established on February 1,1984.
Capitalized at 60 million yen(100% invested by Encho Co.,Ltd.)
President Naoki Mochizuki
Name of company J.E.Service Co.,Ltd.
Head office 12-12 2-Chome Chuo-cho,Fuji-shi,Shizuoka,Japan 417-0052
Established on December 17,1996.
Capitalized at 30 million yen(100% invested by Encho Co.,Ltd.)
President Tomonori Onoda

 Developing a network of Encho stores with close ties to local communities.

 1 HOME ASSIST (177,971sq.ft)   Open in Apr 1997
 2 Jumbo ENCHO GOTENBA (56,446sq.ft.)   Open in Jul 1998
 3 Jumbo ENCHO NUMAZU (22,744sq.ft.)   Open in Dec 1976
 4 Jumbo ENCHO FUJI (105,982sq.ft.)   Open in Sep 1974
 5 Jumbo ENCHO FUJI NISHI (53,195sq.ft.)   Open in Dec 1992
 6 Jumbo ENCHO FUJINOMIYA (49,697sq.ft.)   Open in Nov 1993
 7 Jumbo ENCHO SHIMIZU (42,184sq.ft.)   Open in Sep 1990
 8 Home Assist SHIMIZU KOMAGOE (123,828sq.ft.)   Open in Apr 2011
 9 Jumbo ENCHO SHIMIZU TORISAKA (54,713sq.ft.)   Open in Jul 2003
10 Jumbo ENCHO SHIZUOKA (44,380sq.ft.)   Open in Jun 1977
11 Jumbo ENCHO SHIMOKAWAHARA (68,093sq.ft.)   Open in Oct 2006
12 Jumbo ENCHO FUJIEDA (77,888sq.ft.)   Open in Jul 1998
13 Jumbo ENCHO SHIMADA (73,732sq.ft.)   Open in Apr 2013
14 Jumbo ENCHO SAGARA (26,910sq.ft.)   Open in Dec 1996
15 Jumbo ENCHO KAKEGAWA (63,765sq.ft.)   Open in Aug 1982
16 Jumbo ENCHO KIKUGAWA (47,167sq.ft.)   Open in Apr 1996
17 Jumbo ENCHO IWATA (98,339sq.ft.)   Open in Mar 2003
18 Jumbo ENCHO KIRARITAUN HAMAKITA (94,012sq.ft.)   Open in Jul 2009
19 Jumbo ENCHO HAMAMATSU (76,919sq.ft.)   Open in Aug 1994
20 Jumbo ENCHO HAMAMATSU MINAMI (54,560sq.ft.)   Open in Sep 1995
21 Jumbo ENCHO KOSAI (29,364sq.ft.)   Open in Sep 1996
22 Jumbo ENCHO NARUMI (54,552sq.ft.)   Open in Oct 1992
23 Jumbo ENCHO KANIE (68,534sq.ft.)   Open in dec 1994
24 Jumbo ENCHO KOZOJI (39,600sq.ft.)   Open in Apr 1999
25 Jumbo ENCHO OKAZAKI (69,330sq.ft.)   Open in Jun 2000
26 Jumbo ENCHO TOYOHASHI JINNO (52,732sq.ft.)   Open in Sep 2010
27 HARD STOCK NUMAZU (22,591sq.ft.)   Open in May 2015
28 HARD STOCK SHIZUOKA (13,591sq.ft.)   Open in May 2017
29 HARD STOCK YAIZU (17,329sq.ft.)   Open in Nov 2012
30 HARD STOCK HAMAMATSU (21,775sq.ft.)   Open in Oct 2005
31 HARD STOCK HAMAMATSU SOUDE (29,169sq.ft.)   Open in Oct 2013
32 HARD STOCK YOSHIDA (61,688sq.ft.)   Open in Oct 2014
33 HARD STOCK TOYOTA (22,754sq.ft.)   Open in Apr 2018
34 HARD STOCK SHIMADA (10,764sq.ft.)   Open in Jun 2019
35 ZOO SQUARE SHIZUOKA (22,043sq.ft.)   Open in Dec 2013

1939 May Endo lumber store begins operations in Fuji City.
1962 Jul Endo Zaimokuten Co.,Ltd. is established,capitalized at 1 million yen.
1970 Mar Sales target is shifted to local construction companies,their subcontractors and carpenters
to cope with new demands for lumber. 
Becomes popularyl known as "Encho Center".
1974 Sep First home center "Jumbo Encho Fuji" is set up in Fuji City.
1975 Jun Company name changed to Encho Co.,Ltd.
1978 Apr An affiliated company,Jumbo Co.,Ltd, is established.
1981 Nov Company president at the time Chotaro Endo decorated with the fifth order of merit.
1983 Apr Broadcasts of DIY'S TV program "Dial 110" begin.
    Nov First exams for DIY advisors held and 16 people quality.
1984 Feb An affiliated company,Systech Co.,Ltd.is established.
1985 Sep First specialty store "Casa Sunto" established in the town of Shimizu in Sunto county.
1986 Nov Shares sre offered to the public simultaneously on the Tokyo and Nagoya stock makets.
Public subscription expands capital to 804 million yen.
1990 Mar Account settlement day is changed from February 15 to March 31.
1996 Sep Shizuoka DIY Show '96 is held at the "Twin Messe Shizuoka" in Shizuoka city.
    Oct Public subscription expands capital to 2.87425 billion yen.
2 billion yen of convertible bonds are issued.
    Dec Affiliate J.E.Service Co.,Ltd. is established.
1997 Apr Large-scale DIY specialty store,"Home Assist" opened in Shimizu-cho,Sunto-gun.
1998 Sep Encho Logistics Center starts operation in Fuji City,Shizuoka prefecture
Establishing affiliated company BROS Co., Led.
1999 Jan Headquarters are moved to Chou-cho,Fuji-shi.
2001 Dec The number of licensed in-house advisers reaches 400.
2005 Oct "AssistPro Hamamatsu" - A special shop for construction,engineering,and work tools was opened in Hamamatsu City,Shizuoka.
2007 Nov Acquired the certification of "ISO 14001" for all business offices.
2010 Dec The number of licensed in-house DIY advisers reaches 500.
2011 Apr Opened the shopping center "Bay Dream SHIMIZU".
Started the developer business for the first time.
2013 Dec "Zoo-Square Shizuoka",the first pet speciality shop,was opened in Shizuoka City.
2015 Feb Company was authorized by「The Future Forest Supporter Of The Shizuoka」from Shizuoka City.
2017 Oct Merged Bros Co.,Ltd., on affiliated company.